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Information About DivineMU Online S6 E3 Private Server

DivineMU is expected to launch 4 different worlds during the summer. All 4 worlds will be running on a full Season 6 Episode 3 files, which are one of the most stable files if we are comparing with newer seasons. Our community will be focused on English speaking audience, created by administration with more than 5 year experience of mu online server development and technical support.
We were not just making our server, but we were also testing and checking other community servers, so we can see what players truly like to see in servers, how easy or hard items, resets should be earned (depending on server exp)...and many, many others things, which have been combined in our server, to make the one of the most interesting gameplay ever ! Best exp will always be in party (except if there is high level difference between party members), to level up in top locations, you will need many resets and good set.
Things like zen, jewels and other items, like wings, feathers has value as well. We are planning to open servers for different kind of server lovers, thats why we are opening 4 different worlds. Our first server will be for true low rate server lovers, and its going to be ALPHA x50, which will be opened already in July 7. As our second server will be ZETA x500, which will be officialy opened at the end of July, propably in July 28 ! As third server will be EPSILON x5000 and as fourth server OMEGA x300, about OMEGA x300 its already clear that its going to have DYNAMIC EXP. Both last worlds will be opened during the August.
Exact opening date time about last 2 worlds and server information will be announced very soon ! Updates and changes will be released every 1-2 weeks, Vote Reward System will be active all the time, event like Castle Siege will be every weekend, there will be also many others events in game by Game Masters, including website events like Top Voter with great prizes !
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